Webservice And Web Mining


Implementation of Web Warehouses Techniques with Web Services


Web mining is the application of data mining techniques to discover patterns from the World Wide Web. Web Server is designed to serve HTTP Content. A web server is a specialized type of file server. Its job is to retrieve files from the server’s hard drive, format the files for the Web browser, and send them out via the network. By using this, we can implement a real time application Projects.


With the Knowledge of Webs services and Web mining, we can implement a Project for the purpose of Real time Detection of traffic from twitter stream analysis, Quality of Experience User’s Perception about Web Services and Network-Based Modeling and Intelligent Data Mining of Social Media for Improving Care.


By choosing this technology, the student can empower their academic skills for their bright career with Knowledge. Especially for Final year B.E., B.Sc., M.Sc. and Polytechnic students in the department of CSE and IT.


S.No Code Title Year Download
1 ETSWM020 Limitations Of Quality Metrics For Community Detection And Evaluation 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
2 ETSWM019 Fast And Scalable Protein Motif Sequence Clustering Based On Hadoop Framework 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
3 ETSWM018 Public Cultural Knowledge Graph Platform 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
4 ETSWM017 Opportunities In Software Engineering Research For Web API Consumption 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
5 ETSWM016 Hybrid Obesity Monitoring Model Using Sensors And Community Engagement 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
6 ETSWM015 You Will Succeed Or Not? Matching Prediction In A Marriage Consulting Service 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
7 ETSWM014 The Modelling Of Processes In The Area Of The Raw Material Processing Using Service Oriented Architecture 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
8 ETSWM013 Spencer: Interactive Heap Analysis For The Masses 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
9 ETSWM012 A Firm And Individual Characteristic-based Prediction Model For E2.0 Continuance Adoption. 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
10 ETSWM011 A Cognitive Prioritization For Reports Generated In Resource Constrained Applications 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
11 ETSWM010 Selecting Green Data Mining Services 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
12 ETSWM009 Temporal Update Dynamics Under Blind Sampling 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
13 ETSWM008 Fast Connected Components Computation In Large Graphs By Vertex Pruning 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
14 ETSWM007 A Systematic Literature Review Of Constraint-Based Innovations: State Of The Art And Future Perspectives 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
15 ETSWM006 Image Re-Ranking Based On Topic Diversity 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
16 ETSWM005 Semantics-Enhanced Online Intellectual Capital Mining Service For Enterprise Customer Centers 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
17 ETSWM004 A Web Service Discovery Approach Based On Common Topic Groups Extraction 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
18 ETSWM003 Hierarchy-Cutting Model Based Association Semantic For Analyzing Domain Topic On The Web 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
19 ETSWM002 Service Rating Prediction By Exploring Social Mobile Users’ Geographical Locations 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
20 ETSWM001 Mining Social Web Service Repositories For Social Relationships To Aid Service Discovery 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
21 ETSWD002-2016 Efficient Anonymous Message Submission 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper
22 ETSWD005-2016 High-Throughput Finite Field Multipliers Using Redundant Basis For FPGA 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper
23 ETSWD004-2016 Lost In Translation: Improving Decoy Documents Via Automated Translation 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper
24 ETSWD003-2016 Learn To Personalized Image Search From The Photo Sharing Websites 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper
25 ETSWD001-2016 Cryptonite: A Secure And Performant Data Repository On Public Clouds 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper

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