Mobile Computing


Implementation of Mobile Network Techniques


Mobile computing involves Mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software. Mobile computing is human–computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage, which allows for transmission of data, voice and video. By using this, we can implement a real time application Projects.


With the Knowledge of Mobile computing, we can implement a Project for the purpose of Wormhole Attack Detection Algorithms in Wireless Network Coding Systems, Citizen Card System, Barcode Generation, File Security System, ERP System, Virtual Office Management, and Ad-Hoc Routing for Bluetooth.


By choosing this technology, the student can empower their academic skills for their bright career with Knowledge. Especially for Final year B.E., B.Sc., M.Sc. and Polytechnic students in the department of CSE, IT.


S.No Code Title Year Download
1 ETSMC020- 2017 Adaptive Application Offloading Decision And Transmission Scheduling For Mobile Cloud Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
2 ETSMC019- 2017 Distributed Algorithms To Compute Walrasian Equilibrium In Mobile Crowdsensing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
3 ETSMC018- 2017 Collaborative Mobile Edge Computing In 5G Networks: New Paradigms, Scenarios, And Challenges 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
4 ETSMC017- 2017 AMCloud: Toward A Secure Autonomic Mobile Ad Hoc Cloud Computing System 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
5 ETSMC016- 2017 Mobile-Edge Computing And Internet Of Things For Consumers: Part II: Energy Efficiency, Connectivity, And Economic Development 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
6 ETSMC015- 2017 Cloudlet Enhanced Fiber-Wireless Access Networks For Mobile-Edge Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
7 ETSMC014- 2017 Enhancing Mobile Networks With Software Defined Networking And Cloud Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
8 ETSMC013- 2017 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation For Mobile Edge Computing-Based Augmented Reality Applications 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
9 ETSMC012- 2017 Energy And Delay Tradeoff For Application Offloading In Mobile Cloud Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
10 ETSMC011- 2017 Energy Optimization With Dynamic Task Scheduling Mobile Cloud Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
11 ETSMC010- 2017 ExpSOS: Secure And Verifiable Outsourcing Of Exponentiation Operations For Mobile Cloud Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
12 ETSMC009- 2017 Computation Partitioning For Mobile Cloud Computing In A Big Data Environment 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
13 ETSMC008- 2017 Combinational Auction-Based Service Provider Selection In Mobile Edge Computing Networks 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
14 ETSMC007- 2017 Computation Offloading And Resource Allocation In Wireless Cellular Networks With Mobile Edge Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
15 ETSMC006- 2017 Joint Computation Offloading And Interference Management In Wireless Cellular Networks With Mobile Edge Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
16 ETSMC005- 2017 Mobile-Edge Computing Versus Centralized Cloud Computing Over A Converged FiWi Access Network 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
17 ETSMC004- 2017 Stochastic Joint Radio And Computational Resource Management For Multi-User Mobile-Edge Computing Systems 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
18 ETSMC003- 2017 Latency Optimal Task Assignment For Resource-constrained Mobile Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
19 ETSMC002- 2017 Hermes: Latency Optimal Task Assignment For Resource-constrained Mobile Computing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
20 ETSMC001- 2017 Robust Anonymous Mutual Authentication Scheme For N-Times Ubiquitous Mobile Cloud Computing Services 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
21 ETSMC004-2016 Optimal Configuration Of Network Coding In Ad Hoc Network 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper
22 ETSMC001-2016 A Distributed Three-hop Routing Protocol To Increase The Capacity Of Hybrid Wireless Networks 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper
23 ETSMC005-2016 Privacy-Preserving And Truthful Detection Of Packet Dropping Attacks In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper
24 ETSMC003-2016 Mobile Data Gathering With Load Balanced Clustering And Dual Data Uploading In Wireless Sensor Networks 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper
25 ETSMC002-2016 Maximizing P2P File Access Availability In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Though Replication For Efficient File Sharing 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper

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