Medical Imaging


Real Time Medical Image Processing Technique Implementation


Medical imaging is the technique and process of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention, as well as visual representation of the function of some organs or tissues. By using this, we can implement a real time application Projects.


With the Knowledge of Medical imaging, we can implement a Project for the purpose of Real time Image Processing with Analysis & Display, Fusion of multi-modal cardiac data, Real-time monitoring of left ventricular function under interventional procedures, Fighting Cancer with CW Shear-Wave Elastography.


By choosing this technology, the student can empower their academic skills for their bright career with Knowledge. Especially for Final year B.E., B.Sc., M.Sc. and Polytechnic students in the department of ECE and CSE, IT.


S.No Code Title Year Download
1 ETSMI020-2017 Security Enhancement In Image Steganography For Medical Integrity Verification System 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
2 ETSMI019-2017 Medical Image Processing To Detect Breast Cancer - A Cognitive-Based Investigation 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
3 ETSMI017-2017 High Bit-Depth Medical Image Compression With HEVC 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
4 ETSMI016-2017 Spatial Prediction Filtering Of Acoustic Clutter And Random Noise In Medical Ultrasound Imaging 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
5 ETSMI015-2017 Immunological Approach For Full NURBS Reconstruction Of Outline Curves From Noisy Data Points In Medical Imaging 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
6 ETSMI014-2017 Automated Life Cycle Processing For Complex Medical Imaging Devices 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
7 ETSMI013-2017 Algorithmic Enhancements To Big Data Computing Frameworks For Medical Image Processing 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
8 ETSMI012-2017 Cloud Engineering Principles And Technology Enablers For Medical Image Processing-as-a-Service 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
9 ETSMI010-2017 An Ensemble Of Fine-Tuned Convolutional Neural Networks For Medical Image Classification 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
10 ETSMI007-2017 Intelligent Generator Of Big Data Medical Imaging Repositories 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
11 ETSMI006-2017 Optimal Design Of A Gabor Filter For Medical Imaging Applications 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
12 ETSMI003-2017 Development Of A16-channel Matrix Of Photo Detection Sensors For Medical Imaging And Astrophysical Application 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
13 ETSMI002-2017 Use Of Discrete Wavelet Transform Method For Detection And Localization Of Tampering In A Digital Medical Image 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
14 ETSMI001-2017 Lossless Compression Of Medical Images Using 3D Predictors 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
15 ETSMI008-2017 Estimation Of Frequency Dispersive Complex Permittivity Seen By Each Antenna For Enhanced Multistatic Radar Medical Imaging 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
16 ETSMI008 CMOS Flat-Panel X-ray Detector With Dual-Gain Active Pixel Sensors And Column-Parallel Readout Circuits 2014 Abstract |  Basepaper
17 ETSMI006 Low-Bremsstrahlung X-Ray Source Using A Low-Voltage High-Current-Density Nanostructured Field Emission Cathode And A Transmission Anode For Markerless Soft Tissue Imaging 2014 Abstract |  Basepaper
18 ETSMI003 SART-Type Half-Threshold Filtering Approach For CT Reconstruction 2014 Abstract |  Basepaper
19 ETSMI001 Spatial Mutual Information As Similarity Measure For 3-D Brain Image Registration 2014 Abstract |  Basepaper

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