Embedded Application Projects


Home Automation with IOT in Embedded Technology


Embedded system is a combination of Hardware and Software. Microcontroller like AT89SX, PIC, ARDUINO which places a vital role on this. By using this, we can implement a much real time application Projects and Products in every aspect of human life.


With the Knowledge of Embedded systems, we can implement a Project in the field of Home automation, Agriculture, Bio- Medical, Security, Wireless communication, Internet of Things. These are all implementing with the standard of IEEE.


By choosing this technology, the student can empower their academic skills for their bright career with Knowledge. Especially for Final year B.E. and Polytechnic students in the department of ECE and EEE and EIE.


S.No Code Title Year Download
1 ETSES001 An Intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation Technique Using RFID Technology 2014 Abstract 
2 ETSES002 Android Mobile Phone Controlled Bluetooth Robot 2014 Abstract 
3 ETSES003 Bomb Detecting Robot With Metal Detection Sensor 2014 Abstract 
4 ETSES004 Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle 2014 Abstract 
5 ETSES005 Design And Development Of Voice-Tele Operated Intelligent Mobile Robot 2014 Abstract 
6 ETSES006 Designing And Construction Of Movable Robotic Arm 2014 Abstract 
7 ETSES007 Gestures Controlled Intelligent Wheel Chair With Obstacle Detection 2014 Abstract 
8 ETSES008 GPS Based Vehicle Root Tracking System 2014 Abstract 
9 ETSES009 GSM (SMS) Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot 2014 Abstract 
10 ETSES010 Intelligent Personal Assistant And Surveillance Robot Using Zigbee Communication 2014 Abstract 
11 ETSES011 Location Based Vehicle Speed Controlling Using RF 2014 Abstract 
12 ETSES012 Metal Detector Robot Using Microcontroller 2014 Abstract 
13 ETSES013 RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle With Laser Beam Arrangements 2014 Abstract 
14 ETSES014 Robot Controlling Wirelessly Through Wi-Fi Technology 2014 Abstract 
15 ETSES015 SMS Based Automatic Two Wheeler Locking System 2014 Abstract 
16 ETSES016 SMS Based Automatic Vehicle Accident Information System 2014 Abstract 
17 ETSES017 Tongue Driven Speaking Wheel Chair With Wireless Device Control 2014 Abstract 
18 ETSES018 Touch Screen Controlled Intelligent Robot 2014 Abstract 
19 ETSES019 Tracking And Pairing Vehicle Headlight In Night Scenes 2014 Abstract 
20 ETSES020 Voice Operated Intelligent Elevator 2014 Abstract 
21 ETSES021 War Field Spying Robot With Night Vision Wireless Camera 2014 Abstract 
22 ETSES022 Wireless Voice And Image Transmission Robot For Surveillance System 2014 Abstract 

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