Big Data - Hadoop


Data storage and Analysis of Data Processing on Big Data sets.


Big Data is data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools. Big data challenges include capturing data, data storage, data analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy. By using this, we can implement a real time application Projects.


With the Knowledge of Big Data, we can implement a Project in the field of Science and Research, Social Networking, E-commerce, Telecom company, Share Market, Finance and Security. These are all implementing with the standard of IEEE.


By choosing this technology, the student can empower their academic skills for their bright career with Knowledge. Especially for Final year B.E., B.Sc., M.Sc. and Polytechnic students in the department of CSE and IT.


S.No Code Title Year Download
1 ETSSBD005-2019 A New Probabilistic Process Learning Approach For Big Data In Healthcare 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
2 ETSBD013-2019 Evaluation Model Of Education Service Quality Satisfaction In Colleges And Universities Dependent On Classification Attribute Big Data Feature Selection Algorithm 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
3 ETSBD012-2019 A New Approach For Scheduling Tasks And/or Jobs In Big Data Cluster 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
4 ETSBD011-2019 Research On Medical Service System Based On Big Data Technology 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
5 ETSBD010-2019 Analysis And Improvement Strategy For Profit Contribution Of Bank Customer Under Big Data Background 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
6 ETSBD009-2019 An Approach On Russian Online Learning Behavior Analysis And Mining Based On Big Data 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
7 ETSBD008-2019 Accurate Marking Method Of Network Attacking Information Based On Big Data Analysis 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
8 ETSBD007-2019 Construction And Application Of Big Data Analysis Platforms For Ideological And Political Education In Colleges 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
9 ETSBD006-2019 Stocks Analysis And Prediction Using Big Data Analytics 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
10 ETSBD004-2019 A Multi-reference Alignment Is Easier With An Aperiodic Translation Distribution 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
11 ETSBD003-2019 Battery Wear Model Based Energy Trading In Electric Vehicles: A Naive Auction Model And A Market Analysis 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
12 ETSBD002-2019 Recommender Systems Challenges And Solutions Survey 2019 Abstract |  Basepaper
13 ETSBD001-2019 - Imaging With 3-D Aperture Synthesis Radiometers 2019 Abstract 
14 ETSBG018-2017 AutoPath Harnessing Parallel Execution Paths For Efficient Resource Allocation In Multi-stage Big Data Frameworks 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
15 ETSBG017-2017 Recommendation Service For Big Data Applications In Smart Cities 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
16 ETSBG016-2017 Building A Deep Learning Classifier For Enhancing A Biomedical Big Data Service 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
17 ETSBD015-2017 Cost-effective Big Data Mining In The Cloud: A Case Study With K-means 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
18 ETSBD013-2017 Efficient And Rapid Machine Learning Algorithms For Big Data And Dynamic Varying Systems 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
19 ETSBD012-2017 Nearest Neighbor Classification For High-Speed Big Data Streams Using Spark 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
20 ETSBD011-2017 Building An SVM Classifier For Automated Selection Of Big Data 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
21 ETSBD010-2017 Secure Big Data Storage And Sharing Scheme For Cloud Tenants 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
22 ETSBD005-2017 Deduplication On Encrypted Big Data In Cloud 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
23 ETSBD004-2017 A Big Data Clustering Algorithm For Mitigating The Risk Of Customer Churn 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
24 ETSBD002-2017 Dynamic Resource Allocation For Map Reduce With Partitioning Skew 2017 Abstract |  Basepaper
25 ETSBD008-2016 Recent Development In Big Data Analytics For Business Operations And Risk Management 2016 Abstract |  Basepaper

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